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Here, we believe standards are a baseline.

Since 2010, we’ve set out to meet and exceed what's expected of a remodeling team. While we have expertise and decades of experience, we believe our best measures of success are well-cared-for and satisfied clients.

“The entire process from bidding to completion is handled with professionalism and courtesy. There are no ‘gotcha’ surprises that drive up the cost. Instead, MGD goes the extra mile to be sure that value is delivered and that costs are reasonable.”



With us, your home and peace of mind are in good hands.

Matthew Ducharme

Owner and Founder

Since starting MGD Builders in 2010, Matt has cultivated a truly equitable, intentional, and service-driven company culture for clients, trade partners, and our team alike. As our owner, Matt also oversees our client sales process and ensures our vision and mission for MGD are carried out through every aspect of our business. During your project, you can expect to be welcomed by Matt at the very start and hear from him on major stages of your remodeling schedule to ensure everything is running smoothly. Plus, don’t be surprised if he rolls up his sleeves to contribute to the work itself. As a husband, father, and committed friend to all, Matt embodies the craftsmanship and integrity MGD stands for.

Jasmine Robinson

Director of Operations

If our company is a home, Jasmine provides the structure. As our Director of Operations, Jasmine oversees all office management, human resources, accounting, keeping updated regulations, reporting, and more. For us, our credibility and professionalism is vital, and Jasmine helps our company retain our compliances, So we can make sure our work, team, trade partners, and homes we work in are safe, cared for, and in top shape. Day-to-day, you can expect to work with Jasmine on project feedback, project payment schedules, invoices, customer service, and other non-construction project needs.

Benjamin Monje

Director of Construction

As our Director of Construction, Ben manages and oversees all of our client projects from start to finish, acting as our point of communication between our sales office, our project leads, and our trade partners. As a client you can expect to work with Ben on your design vision, functionality, and collaborating on little details with you to ensure your vision is thoughtfully crafted. Supporting our project leads and other trade partners, Ben ensures projects are completed on time and on budget as best as possible. During the construction stage, he takes care of project planning, materials management, handles change orders with care, and creates clean and positive work environments so your project is carried out with excellence and your vision is achieved.

Project Leads

Supported by our Director of Construction, our Project Leads are part of our field team completing the work in and around your home. As your first line of communication during your project, they ensure the vision of your home comes to fruition, work on the day-to-day tasks, and coordinate with our trusted Trade Partners. In addition, our Project Leads oversee our supplies, tools, equipment, and are sure to keep an open line of sight and communication when and if any changes in your scope come up. During construction, you can expect to receive daily reports, photos, and updates from your field team, so you’ll feel connected and always kept up-to-date with your home’s progress.

Logan Sutton

Thaddeus Klaus

Our homes can be havens. Let’s make yours a place you’re proud of.

With sincere care and a commitment to detail, we take all of our homeowners through our process that’s made to feel transparent, communicative, and proactive. During your remodeling project, rest assured that every corner of your home will be taken care of, and you’ll be in the know at every stage.


Initial Consultation

While we’re in the construction business, we’re big fans of chemistry. Relational chemistry is crucial when working together on home remodeling. In our initial consultation, we’ll talk through your needs and ideas to see if we’re a good fit for each other. Because our priority is delivering the best work and creating the best working relationship possible.

Walkthrough Meeting

If we’re a fit, we’ll schedule a walkthrough of your home to get more details of your desired scope, talk logistics, and go through any other concerns or questions. From there, we’ll gather information and account for any specific conditions before drawing up our plan of action.

Project Design and Proposal

Once all information is gathered, we will present a design proposal and agreement to help us give some shape to your remodeling plans. This document outlines our scope, room and design layouts, project timelines, and more so we can estimate an accurate construction investment and quote. This stage of heavy planning is the most important, so we can ensure the project runs on time and as smoothly as possible.

Pre-construction Meeting

This meeting will happen before construction on your home begins. Here, we’ll introduce you to your Project Lead, who will go over the logistics, details, and schedule for your project. During this meeting, we’ll also get instructions from you on where we can store or place various materials and equipment needed during the construction process so our work is tidy and as organized as possible.

Construction Begins

Then, we’ll officially begin construction according to your project schedule. As an MGD client, you’ll receive a client log-in, and we’ll get you set up on our project management software so you can have 24/7 access to your project details, see where our team is working, and how things are going overall. In the program, you can review your up-to-date financials, read daily logs, view current pictures, manage punch lists, approve changes, and upload your own comments or corrections, along with everything else needed to manage your project virtually. During the process, we stay in step with weekly or bi-weekly meetings with you. In our humble opinion, this is where our team truly shines.

Project Wrap-up

Until your project is 100% complete, we’ll ensure all of your rooms, nooks, and crannies are finished, cleaned, and ready for you to enjoy. Together, we’ll wrap up the project and express our gratitude for adding you to the MGD family.

Post-Construction and Warranty

After we’ve swept up and left, that doesn’t mean we’ll be absent. After giving you time to live in and experience your freshly remodeled home, we’ll schedule an 11-month post-project walkthrough to make sure everything is working in order and take care of any warranty issues that might come up so you can continue to enjoy your home for years to come.

What really sold us on (MGD) was obvious genuineness, timeliness of the quote, and listening skills throughout the project. You were very responsive to questions and kept us informed throughout the project. The next project is yours for sure!”